Language matters.

If you give a crap about language, check out this incredible website:

This deceptively simple page is called "Common Errors in English".  It is a pretty darn comprehensive collection of, you guessed it, common errors made by English-speaking and writing human beings.  I've been aware of the site for no more than five minutes and I've already learned of two mistakes I've been committing for years.

Big-ups to Washington State University English professor Paul Brians for posting this indispensable guide to the language we all frig up on a daily basis.

(That's right, he's a WSU prof.  My mom would be so proud of my open-mindedness.  But only after she celebrated/flaunted the merits of her Cougar brethren.)

[Stuck in my head: nothing right now, but yesterday morning I woke up with Modest Mouse's "The View" firmly lodged in my brain.  Which is strange, because I hadn't heard so much as one note of a MM song for a long, long while.  But lo and behold, there it was.  Enjoy.]

PS: More, better content coming soon.  Stay tuned, mes amis.

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